Bullying & Cyber-bullying

In a study carried out by Trinity College in 1997, it was found that 31% of primary school pupils have been bullied at some time in their lives. The study also states that up to 200,000 children run the risk of being victims of bullying in the future. Of all reported incidents 74% of pupils state that bullying has occurred in the playground, while 31% stated it was inflicted in the classroom.

Unfortunately, while the internet provides many helpful resources for parents coping with their child being bullied at school, it also exists as an outlet for cyber-bullying to take effect. A report issued by National Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre at Dublin City University and headlined by the RTE, stated that cyber-bullying has risen and now one in every 10 children are victims of cyber-bullying. The report analyses cyber-bullying for a period of 5 years and discloses that 14% of primary school pupils have been cyber-bullied in the past. Another 28% of children ranging from 8 – 13 were contacting strangers on a daily basis, on social media and video games. (Dublin City University, 2016) Our platform will be aiming to be an enjoyable, stress-free and safe resource both parents and children can explore and not be harassed by bullies.

Bullying affects all children around the world and it has also been found that bullies themselves have a higher probability of becoming convicts once they grow up. In the US, the University of Texas at Dallas, analysed data on over 400 bullies over the course of a couple of decades and discovered that almost 50% of all the bullies analysed participated in illegal activities according to their profiles. (Advocate Aurora Health, 2014) It should also be noted that severe cases of bullying can lead to mental disorders like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

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